It is easy being green

Some say “it’s not easy being green”. I disagree. Being ‘green’ needs to be easy, otherwise many won’t bother – and those that do will feel alienated from society. We need to tinker our tactics to embed sustainability into our everyday lives.

I’ve set up Green Tinking’s Think Pieces as a home for mine and other’s thoughts and tools to help align sustainability with all walks of life – and the Library as a page where I’ll list my most frequent and fun resources.

I set this up as a project to keep me busy in Cornwall whilst hunting for exciting work – and I hope to refresh this during 2016, when time allows, with new blogs relating to my past and present experiences.

I feel lucky to be helping and learning from the places and people of my home in Bristol – and be involved in ‘heat networks’ and other energy infrastructure.

Kieran Highman